Wetsuits for Surfing: A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right One with Atlantic Surf School

When diving into the world of surfing, one crucial aspect beginners often overlook is the importance of choosing the right wetsuit. The right wetsuit can enhance your comfort, performance, and overall experience in the water. To help you navigate through this, Atlantic Surf School provides a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect wetsuit for your surfing needs.

Fullsuits or Steamer Wetsuits

Wetsuits fullsuits

Fullsuits, also known as Steamer wetsuits, are the go-to choice for surfing in cold water temperatures. They are designed to cover your entire body – from your neck down to your ankles and wrists – providing maximum thermal protection.

The thickness of the wetsuit plays a crucial role in its ability to retain heat. Generally, the colder the water, the thicker your wetsuit should be. In Ireland, where water temperatures can drop considerably, Atlantic Surf School suggests wearing at least a 5MM wetsuit. However, it’s essential to remember that thicker wetsuits may restrict your mobility due to the additional neoprene material.

Springsuits or Shorties

If you’re planning to surf in warmer waters or prefer having more mobility, Springsuits or Shorties could be your best bet. These wetsuits are shorter than fullsuits, typically covering your torso and upper legs, with short sleeves and legs.

Springsuits are thinner than fullsuits, providing less thermal protection but more flexibility. They’re perfect for those balmy summer surfs or tropical surf trips where warmth is less of a concern.


While not technically a wetsuit, Rashguards are an excellent alternative for those surfing in warm water temperatures. Made from stretchy, quick-drying fabric, they provide some sun protection and help prevent chafing from the surfboard.

Rashguards are usually paired with boardshorts and are perfect for those warm, sunny days where insulation isn’t needed but protection from the sun and the surfboard is desired.

Choosing the Right Wetsuit

The selection of a wetsuit is not a one-size-fits-all situation. It requires consideration of various factors including water temperature, your surfing duration, and personal comfort and mobility.

You’ll want a wetsuit that maintains a balance between warmth and flexibility. A fit that contours your body is also important – a loose wetsuit can allow water to flush in, making you colder.

Navigating through these considerations can be daunting. However, with professional guidance from a surf school like Atlantic Surf School, choosing the right wetsuit becomes a breeze. They can provide expert advice on selecting the right wetsuit for your needs and ensure it fits correctly, setting you up for a fantastic surfing experience.

Picking the right wetsuit for your surfing needs is a crucial step towards a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the water. Whether it’s a Fullsuit for the chilly Atlantic, a Springsuit for warmer waters, or a Rashguard for that tropical surf trip, understanding your requirements and the benefits of each can make all the difference. Dive into the wonderful world of surfing equipped with the right gear and the helpful guidance of the Atlantic Surf School. Happy surfing!

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